Under Construction in NJ: Same courts used at Porsche Grand Prix, Stuttgart

The RedClay Pro® court, indoor & outdoor version - the world's only real clay, NO-compaction tennis court.  Now in the USA!

Best new indoor clay ever! No watering, ever. RedClay Pro®!

Our rigid RedClay layer goes directly on top of existing hard or clay courts for easy conversion.  No compaction ever.

Las Vegas 2021

Outdoor version of RedClay Pro® does not require constant moisture.  Only moisten the 2mm of loose surface clay for playing.

RedClay Pro® has the least expensive “long-term maintenance” of any court

RCUSA partners with Fast-Dry Courts of Florida as our exclusive Florida installer for RedClay Pro®!  See Media Announcement!

"Official Court" at Porsche Arena, WTA

Largest indoor WTA tournament in the world, for over 10 years on RedClay Pro courts!

RedClay Garden: Sacramento, private backyard

The newest clay in California. Outdoor version... moisten only the 2mm of topping when about to play, otherwise no watering!