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RedClay Pro® for tennis AND pickleball - the most cost effective court surface compared to anything. Email for custom quote!

Red-Dirt Returns to USA with: Engineered Excitement

Our‘s is real red clay. It‘s not carpet with filler material. And indoors it uses NO water! Treated topping retains moisture.

Under Construction: Palmetto Tennis Ctr, Sumter, SC: Eight RedClay Pro®

Easily installed as new, or for direct conversion on top of existing hard or clay courts!

Our RedClay Pro®: Official Porsche Court thru 2022

The ultimate in tennis - and the most affordable of ANY court.  Durable without maintenance. Custom install pricing.

Best New Clay Court for Any Climate: RedClay Pro®

Our rigid, porous RedClay layer goes directly on top of existing hard (or clay w/ some removal) courts for easy conversion.  

Perfect Sliding - Rigid Flat Even Base, Embedded Lines!

Only water topping clay during play. Can remain without ANY moisture when not in use!  Save up to 90% on water costs.