Under Construction: Palmetto Tennis Ctr, Sumter, SC: Eight RedClay Pro®

Easily installed as new, or for direct conversion on top of existing hard or clay courts!

Our RedClay Pro®: Official Porsche Court thru 2022

The ultimate in tennis - and the most affordable of ANY court.  Durable without maintenance. Custom install pricing.

Red-Dirt Returns to USA with: Engineered Excitement

Our‘s is real red clay. It‘s not carpet with filler material. And indoors it uses NO water! Treated topping retains moisture.

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Best New Clay Court for Any Climate: RedClay Pro®

Our rigid, porous RedClay layer goes directly on top of existing hard (or clay w/ some removal) courts for easy conversion.  

Perfect Sliding - Rigid Flat Even Base, Embedded Lines!

Only water topping clay during play. Can remain without ANY moisture when not in use!  Save up to 90% on water costs.  


REDCLAY USA Builds first U.S. Courts with German Partners

A proprietary new engineered clay for a new world of American tennis. And PickleBall!

The innovation in court technology destined to make clay court tennis the most popular in the game.  Built together with exclusive North American partners Viacor GmbH and DISPOplus GmbH of Germany.  WTA/ATP/Fed and Davis Cup-proven!  See May 2020 ATP pros play in Germany on engineered RedClay at the:  Tennis-Point Exhibition.

Under Construction: proprietary RedClay court technology

Dutch Tennis now adding RedClay Pro® at new Ors-Zuit Club

The world's state-of-the-art retractable-roof tennis center: In the Netherlands!  Scheduled for late 2020 opening.  See YouTube:  Ors-Zuit video. Five RedClay Pro® courts under a clear retractable roof!


Red-dirt Returns to the USA in 21st century form

Breaking Ground 2020: New U.S. RedClay Pro® Clubs in Princeton, NJ, and Seattle, WA

We're pleased to announce a premier tennis and pickleball facility is coming to central New Jersey featuring our engineered RedClay Pro courts, both indoors and out.  Certain to change the local complexion of tennis, and pickleball, offered to all ages and levels.

Redmond Tennis Center in Seattle is adding RedClay Pro outdoor courts to accommodate their rainy climate, and no longer be at the mercy of courts too soft or saturated to play on.  RedClay Pro courts are RIGID and porous,  cannot hold standing water, and are always immediately available to play on after heavy rain, or even during a constant light mist or drizzle.  No other court can compare in this attribute.

Visit our first RedClay Pro courts in the U.S. or Europe.  Proprietary imported materials and installation.  Call us!

 231 622 1869; info@redclayusa.com

Europe's finest RedClay® technology, now in the USA. And the future means going back to red clay!

Europe started the love for luxurious red clay courts over one hundred years ago.

The USA can simply go back to the tradition of comfortable, and now maintenance-free thus affordable, real red clay courts.  Bringing the future of American professional tennis back to the court surface that makes European tennis players so successful.  And keeps your body young.


European RedClay made for America

History repeats itself! Once the only clay for tennis in the USA... RedClay is back!


Davis Cup on Engineered RedClay

Virtually maintenance free! Perfect underfoot movement that saves you from joint damage!


Porsche WTA Grand Prix: Official Court 2010-22

USA Phone Consultation: 231 622 1869

See all the action at the Porsche WTA Grand Prix Tennis tournament  on our RedClay here.

Installed throughout Europe for over 15 years, replacing traditional red clay courts.

Slide like a pro on RedClay pro®

  • WTA pros sliding on RedClay Pro® brand courts!  ITF Rated 1 for court speed and bounce. Indoor version requires no watering!...still perfect sliding.

RedClay pro® court at Boyne Mtn, Michigan

Check out the ease of slide on a RedClay Pro® court by a regular tennis enthusiast!  Installs directly over existing courts. Uses 10% of the water of a traditional clay court.


Eight New RedClay Pro® courts for Palmetto TC in 2020

"The City of Sumter, S.C. is  upgrading its award-winning Palmetto Tennis Center. It includes eight super-sized RedClay pro courts. After extensive research and analysis, the City has selected the proprietary Engineered RedClay Pro brand court systems from RedClay USA LLC for the clay courts",  PTC Tennis Director Sam Kiser, (March 2019)     

About Us

RedClay Pro® is sweeping across the USA

  • And only sweep after you play - - virtually no maintenance!  Can never be rain saturated. Base layer is fired red clay chippings (hard and very porous), and NO COMPACTING is needed - EVER. Permanent plastic lines are embedded in the hard RIGID base layer, so the lines never require any upkeep or changing!
  • Ask about our 2019-20 list of RedClay® converts.  
  • In-house court install teams.
  • 10 years as Official Court: Porsche Grand Prix, WTA Stuttgart.

RedClay Partners

Exclusive Partnerships in Europe

Official Court: Porsche Grand Prix, WTA

Official Court: Porsche Grand Prix, WTA


  • Viacor GmbH and DISPOplus GmbH:  experts for 50 years, with Porplastic tracks and sports surfaces. visit:  viacor.de and dispoplus.info

Official Court: Porsche Grand Prix, WTA

Official Court: Porsche Grand Prix, WTA

Official Court: Porsche Grand Prix, WTA


2020-2022: Stuttgart, Germany

WTA Porsche Grand Prix Tennis tournament.  Largest women's pro indoor tennis event.  

The Game Changers

Official Court: Porsche Grand Prix, WTA

Early Adopter Specials


The USA wants RedClay®:

  •  Brandywine Tennis
  •  New Facility  NJ
  •  Darling Tennis Center
  •  Palmetto Tennis Center 
  •  Redmond Tennis Center

Early Adopter Specials

New Jersey: largest indoor RedClay® club

Early Adopter Specials


Why don't Americans play on red clay? Please contact us for limited time offers on court installations, based on region, quantity and timeline.  Regional exclusives available.  RedClay Pro™ tournament sites available.

New Jersey: largest indoor RedClay® club

New Jersey: largest indoor RedClay® club

New Jersey: largest indoor RedClay® club


A New Jersey developer has partnered with RCUSA for the largest indoor RedClay facility in North America. Starting mid-2020.  Indoor and outdoor RedClay® tennis and pickleball courts. 

Why RedClay pro®?

New Jersey: largest indoor RedClay® club

New Jersey: largest indoor RedClay® club


Convert any hard or green clay court!  Watering outdoors:  only moisten RedClay® topping for perfect level surface, smooth sliding.

Watering Indoor RedClay pro®: never!  Treated with agent for perpetual moistness.

Maintenance:  virtually none, only drag with mat.  NO rolling/compaction EVER of the solid rigid red clay, a super-porous base layer.  Cannot puddle.

 Never any standing water.

About Us


Committed to Quality

Fun and finally in the USA.  Our exclusive partnerships for materials and expertise from Germany guarantee the finest workmanship.


If you dream about RedClay...

We build real RedClay® courts and culture...just like the courts and espresso at Roland Garros.  Join the RedClay Revolution taking place in North America, by teaming with us and our friends across the sea.

News with RedClay pro


"We're on track for RedClay® this coming spring,"  Marcos Ondruska (former top 100 ATP), Tennis Director, Redmond Tennis Club, South Africa Davis Cup Captain, April 2020

RCUSA Academy

RedClay USA's signature courts at Boyne Mountain Resort, Michigan.  "We've scheduled a mid-2020 announcement for proposed expansion at our Boyne Tennis Facility, the original home of Rod Laver's Academy in the 1970's," Brian Osterberg, CEO, RedClay USA LLC.

RedClay USA joins Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) as Corporate Partner

RCUSA joins its first official tennis industry association for promoting RedClay® tennis court system technology worldwide, March 2020


USTA Lake Nona

Palmetto Tennis Center

Palmetto Tennis Center

"I love your product," Tim Cass, General Manager, USTA National Campus, Orlando, Florida, 2018

Palmetto Tennis Center

Palmetto Tennis Center

Palmetto Tennis Center

"Clemson University to hold a NCAA Division I match at PTC on Engineered RedClay pro®. We'll have an ITA event (32 singles and 16 doubles) hosted by The Citadel and coach Chuck Kriese," Sam Kiser

Director of Tennis

Palmetto Tennis Center, 2019

New Jersey RedClay Project

Porsche Grand Prix, WTA Professional Tournament

Porsche Grand Prix, WTA Professional Tournament

"Why would anyone install any other court?", Christian Guevera, High Performance Coach, NJ. #1 Ranked 30+ USTA Mens, 2018

Porsche Grand Prix, WTA Professional Tournament

Porsche Grand Prix, WTA Professional Tournament

Porsche Grand Prix, WTA Professional Tournament

"I recommend the RedClay Pro® courts to anyone," Tournament Director, Markus Gundhardt, 2018

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