Engineered RedClay pro™ Courts: Imported from Germany

  • best news in generations
  • red clay, no maintenance
  • proven 15 years in Europe
  • first time in USA
  • proprietary process

Welcome to the best and least expensive tennis court - - ever! Tennis wins by mixing traditional red clay and innovative construction.

About Us

Clubs adding Engineered RedClay pro™

  • Palmetto Tennis Center, Sumter, SC
  • Peak Tennis NJ, Hillsborough, NJ
  • Darling Tennis Center, Las Vegas, NV
  • Smatt Tennis Academy, Hollywood, FL
  • Boyne Mountain Resort, MI
  • Brandywine Tennis, DeLand, FL

RedClay pro™ is sweeping across the US

  • And all you do is sweep after you play - - no maintenance!  Little or no water.
  • Ask about our 2019-20 list of RedClay club converts.  
  • RCUSA/Viacor GmbH, Official Court Installers
  • 10 years as Official Court: Porsche Grand Prix, WTA Stuttgart.

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Engineered RedClay pro™, for tennis and pickleball, will convince anyone that it is the unmatched choice for indoor or outdoor use, in any climate. No maintenance, no compacting, little or no water...and it's real terra cotta.

RedClay Partners

Exclusive Partnerships in Europe


  • Viacor GmbH:  sport surface experts for 50 years, including Porplastic tracks and all sports playing surfaces.

Official Court: Porsche Grand Prix, WTA


April 20-28, 2019; Stuttgart, Germany.

WTA Porsche Grand Prix Tennis tournament.  Largest women's pro indoor tennis event.  Come see the women play (slide!) on our courts.

The Game Changers

coco on redclay pro

The USA wants RedClay:

  • Wei Yu Su:  Brandywine Tennis
  • Jesse Smatt:  Smatt Academy
  • Chris Marquis:  Peak Tennis NJ
  • Mike Palmucci:  Darling Tennis 
  • Sam Kiser:  Palmetto Tennis

Early Adopter Specials


Please contact us for limited time custom offers on court installations, based on region, quantity and timeline.  Regional exclusives available.  RedClay tournaments available to early adopter clubs.

Peak Tennis NJ: largest indoor RedClay


Peak Tennis NJ has partnered with RCUSA for the largest indoor RedClay facility in North America. Indoor and outdoor RedClay pro tennis and pickleball courts. Further announcements in March 2019.  



Convert any hard or green clay court!  Watering outdoors:  only moisten the red clay topping for perfected sliding.

Watering indoors: never!  treated with agent for perpetual moistness.

Maintenance:  none, only drag with mat.  NO rolling/compaction.

100% porous:  no standing water.

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About Us

The ultimate indoor court: Darling Tennis Center, Las Vegas


Play RedClay...the best new court tech for the USA!  Our patent-pending court tech is unique to the US, with 15 years proven use in Europe.

Committed to Quality


Fun and finally in the USA...the new court tech from Germany!  Our exclusive partnerships for materials and expertise from Germany guarantee the finest workmanship.

If you dream about RedClay...


We build real RedClay courts and culture...just like the courts and espresso at Roland Garros.  Join the RedClay Revolution taking place in North America, by teaming with us and our friends across the sea.


USTA Lake Nona

"I love your product," Tim Cass, General Manager, USTA National Campus, 2018

Smatt Tennis Academy

"Biggest news in tennis courts in 50 years," Jesse Smatt, Owner/Director, 2018

Peak Tennis NJ

"Why would anyone install any other court?" Christian Guevera, High Performance Coach, 2018

Porsche Grand Prix, WTA Event

"I recommend the RedClay pro courts to anyone," Tournament Director, Markus Gundhardt, 2018

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